How to install Google Play Service (Play Store) for Redmi K40 Gaming (Game Enhanced Edition)

Redmi K40 game launched without Google services. Xiaomi explained that it helps optimize the maximum for a gaming device as K40G. But facing the inescapable needs of users and the major constraints when there is no Google services. Xiaomi had to include Google Play Services in K40G from version V12.5.5.0

Instructions to upgrade to version V12.5.5.0.RKJCNXM or higher

Go to Settings - My device - MIUI version
Check if it's the latest version or above V12.5.5.0? If not, click Update to update to the latest version. (Remember to connect to wifi)

Instructions to update Play Store from Get App

Go to Get App - in search, type Google - Find Google Play Store and click Update

Enjoy Google Services (include Play Store) now

Guide Redmi K40 Gaming / Pocophone F3 GT