API System

API system support GSM platform using Premium checker!

How it works?

You need a website using DHRU system or GSM Hub. If you do not known what is that. Ignore this page. This page is not for you

API URL: https://mifirm.net/dhru

API Username: Your MiFirm account Email

API Key: Manage in API manager page

List of API working services:

  • Check Xiaomi full information from Lock code 0.1USD/check
  • Check Xiaomi full information from IMEI 0.05USD/check

Our API system working automatic 24/7. Support DHRU system, GSMHub system.

You can deposit and manager your credit, history, API key from API manager page

For more support or report error, please contact Telegram/Whatsapp: +84967888448 (Please direct your problem/question)

Example response:

Name: Redmi Note 8 Pro 全网通版 6GB内存 冰翡翠 64GB
Product ID: 25032
IMEI: 86989904503xxxx
SN: 25032/09VV0xxxx
FSN: YN934Y05xxxx
Create time: 2019-08-30 11:36:07
Actived time: 2019-09-19 20:33:03
Sale code: cn
Status: 正常
Find device: ON
Find device phone: +840****86449
Find device email: kh*********124@g****.com
Find device lost mode: LOST
Find device lost phone: 0765294xxx
Find device lost message: Chào bạn Bạn tìm thấy điện thoại của tôi. Tôi sẽ vô cùng biết ơn nếu bạn liên hệ với tôi.

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