[UPDATE 8/10] Remove Mi Cloud lock all country - Clean only

Update 8/10/2020


Country/Region Price (USD) Time process
Dubai & UAE 45 1-7 Days
Bangladesh 18 1-5 Days
Belarus 28 1-5 Days
Brutan 18 1-5 Days
Russia 28 1-10 Days
China 45 1-7 Days
Myanmar 32 1-5 Days
India 18 3-7 Days
Turkey 45 1-5 Days
Kazakhstan 28 3-7 Days
Kyrgyzstan 28 1-7 Days
Ukraine 22 24-48 Hours
Uzbekistan 25 3-7 Days
Nepal 20 1-3 Days
VietNam 20 24-72 Hours
Thailand 50 1-72 Hours
Europe countries 25 24-72 Hours





This service remove Mi Cloud lock for Clean state only. 

Q: How to remove?

A: Check the lock code/IMEI for get country by phone number. Check at https://mifirm.net/imei. Phone clean is there are not Lost message.

Q: How to get lock code?

A: On lock screen, tap 10 times to lock icon (picture below)

Q: How can I payment?

A: Please send payment to 

Paypal: [email protected] (Please pay entire paypal cost)

Skrill: [email protected] (Please pay entire Skrill cost)

Q: What should I do after?

A: Contact to my Telegram or Whatsapp: +84.967.888.448. Send the lock code and the picture of lock state with lock code below

Q: How can I trust you?

A: I am owner and founder of MiFirm.net and Samfw.com. I don not scam just a little dollars. Of course, trust me or not depend on you.


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